Creating a portrait is something you do together.

If you are thinking about having a portrait done come to my studio. You can tell me what you want and I will show you the possibilities. We will then make a plan together.

Jeroen knew how to capture my son in a portrait drawing like no other. This now hangs in our living room and every day we proudly look at this beautiful drawing!

– Marijn




You can make an appointment at my studio and express your wishes. I will show you the possibilities. The budget to be worked within can also be discussed.


Make a plan

Based on photos and sketches, which I make in my studio, the design is made



After approval and consultation on the final idea, the price can be agreed upon and the time frame when the portrait will be delivered. This is recorded in a contract.



Completion and any handling regarding framing and hanging.

It’s still magical when you seem to have contact with an painted person.

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